Trade craft shop -ZEČEVIĆ- was established in 1982 as a sole workshop for manufacturing all types of sorghum and birch brooms. Over time it has grown into a stable company able to withstand competition in hardest times.

About Production Program

Our product range consists of a wide assortment of brooms designed for various needs and conditions. Our brooms are sold on domestic and foreign market, mainly in the countries of the region. They are distinguished by good quality and affordable prices. Our daily capacity is 1500 pieces of sorghum and birch brooms.

Raw materials used for brooms are from Serbia because they have best quality, do not pollute the environment and are ecologically biodegradable. All our brooms pass through rigorous quality control during production process, therefore we never have complaints.


  • Adress: Zmajevačka 282, Kraljevo Serbia

  • Mobile: +381.63.604.772

  • Phone: +381.36.366.999

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